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  • Legal Notice (AMT Ban Imminent)

    The Uk Government yesterday passed a new law which will see both AMT & 5-MEO-DALT made illegal. The new BAN on these substances will come into force on the 7th January 2015. customers will need to dispose of all material pertaining to the above by this date. The Official Link can be seen...

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  • XMAS Info at Chemicalwire

    Chemicalwire at XMAS!! Everything you need to know about chemicalwire at XMAS is posted below........... XMAS Shipping Over the last few years, we have seen a dramatic increase in how long it takes Royal Mail to deliver parcels throughout December. This is due to how many extra parcels enter the postal system...

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  • December Discount Code 20% OFF!!

    We are offering all customers 20% off their orders throughout December.  Please use the code DEC20 to get your discount. ***discount codes can not be used in conjuction with already discounted items***

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  • 3-fluorophenmetrazine : New Product

    NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH  3-fluorophenmetrazine is the 3-fluoro analogue of Phenmetrazine. 3-fluorophenmetrazine or 3-FPM is currently uncontrolled in the UK and EU and offers an extremely exciting area of research. Initial sample reports have been very positive and is getting great feedback. As with all the chemicals...

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  • Shipping Info : Countries we ship too!

    We have recently made changes to the destinations where we can and cant ship too. This has partly been enforced upon us due to ongoing customs issues and missing parcels.  We now only ship to the following countries : Austria Belgium Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Hong...

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